SHS Delivers Excellent Home Care

Seniors Helping Seniors®

Delivers Excellent Home Care

Seniors Helping Seniors has come to town and apparently not a moment too soon - they have been very busy since opening their doors last year.   Seniors Helping Seniors (SHS) is a licensed in-home care service that helps people age with grace and dignity in the place they call home.   Something extraordinary happens when seniors help other seniors: a special connection develops; a unique friendship forms.                                                                                                                                                              

Created in 1998 SHS was founded to help provide seniors with the ability to choose an independent lifestyle in their own homes, for as long as possible, with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Across the country, Seniors Helping Seniors® business owners have been highly successful with their non-medical home-based service formula designed to assist seniors in navigating the aging process.  “We are highly committed to helping others and that adds to our own purpose in life,” said Amy McDermott, who along with her husband, Bob own the areas’ Seniors Helping Seniors organization.

From the very beginning Amy McDermott said that the concept of one senior helping another age at home resonated with her, “it just makes sense on every level.  These seniors, my clients, and my service providers bring so much joy to each another. Their happiness makes what we do all the more rewarding.  In other words, what we give is independence; what we get is purpose.”  SHS helps clients with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, transportation to doctor appointments, a drive to the movies, a trip to the beach and much more.      

The organization also offers respite care for those family members who are caregivers and need a break.  Diane, one of SHSs’ clients, hired the company just to ‘be there’ for her husband, Paul, when she wanted to take a vacation.  “They helped him immensely and I never worried about his care.  I knew how reliable his caregiver was.  Joe helped Paul with his exercise regimen, cooked light meals and went to the beach and movies with him.  They really connected as companions and friends since they had a lot in common,” she said.

“The rapidly growing population of aging citizens has combined with more of our seniors determined to remain independent in their own homes. “ It’s a much better alternative to being in a long-term care or assisted living facility,” said McDermott, “and at lower health care and personal costs too.”

Amy also said she is grateful to have met and forged relationships with her customers and her providers.  “We are here to stay, helping our seniors live a more enjoyable, comfortable and safe lifestyle as they age in their own homes right here at the seashore.”

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Seniors Helping Seniors®  …a way to give and to receive